Your Wish – is it Attainable or Unattainable?

Wish: to have a desire for (as something unattainable) Merriam-Webster –
transitive verb <wished he could live his life over>

Oh! How I love the innocence of a child wishing for something and the excitement when their wish comes true. Most children wish for something attainable, something tangible, such as a new bike, computer, play station, games, etc.  As we get older our wishes are different.  There is the unattainable or what I will call the miracle wish. We wish: the lab report is wrong, it isn’t cancer, for peace, the chemo and radiation will work, we could live life over, for just one more hug from a departed one and, I am sure there are many other miraculous but, sometimes, unattainable wishes. Does this mean we should stop wishing?

 Absolutely not! There will always be the comfort, the thrill, the anticipation of getting our wish fulfilled – that is precisely why there are thousands of coins in fountains around the world. It’s a desire we have; wishing gives us hope.

Then there are the attainable wishes.  As a Life Coach, these are the ones I hear most. I wish:  I wasn’t a procrastinator, I could lose weight, I could stop smoking, I  could quit my job, I had more self-confidence, I could leave my relationship, I followed my dream, for self-esteem, self-respect, I have more patience, I didn’tfeel like a loser. The wish list goes on and on. These wishes and desires are attainable but only the wisher can start the process of making their wish a reality.

As a Life Coach passionate about helping women find their strength and realize their wishes, I sincerely wish that I had a magic wand that I could wave and, bam, everyone’s wishes would become a reality. But, I don’t.  However, what have is the ability to guide you through the process of making your wish come true.  You, however, must take action – that is the beginning. I cannot impress upon you more strongly the importance of this step. Both process and action are necessary in order for change, transition and transformation to be achieved.

Let me help you make 2012 a Happy Wish Year. It’s all up to you. Take Action and make your wish a reality. Call or email today.

I will continue to wish upon a star, I will blow out my birthday candles with a wish, I won’t share my wish, and I will always throw a coin in the fountain.

Resolve to Evolve