What Is This Thing Called Coaching?

Coaching is about personal growth and empowerment. It is about guiding clients forward quickly with confidence and ease to a resolution. Coaching is especially important for people who consistently hit a wall on a specific issue and have not been able to make it over. Coaching helps clients think out of the box and move out of their comfort zone.

Why is it that it takes a famous person or a TV show to validate a book, drug, service or new concept etc. – that would be a benefit – before the general public will accept it for its value? Do we doubt ourselves so much that we need the media to say it is ok? Or, do we prefer to continue searching for our answers by reading one self help book after the other – until we find ourselves? How many people actually find themselves in this solitude? Do we continue to steep ourselves in self-help books and tapes so that we won’t have to be accountable when again and again our issues don’t get resolved? Do we use the excuse insurance doesn’t cover it? Insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic surgery either and yet, for whatever personal reasons millions of people pay to change their looks. Coaching has been around forever, but, it wasn’t called Life Coaching – just coaching. All sports teams have a coach and most of the time all great teams have great coaches. Is it time for YOU!

As stated in a USA Today article Coaching is a new option for the worried well. It’s not about delving into the painful past. Coaching is about taking action. Hiring a coach is like hiring a physical trainer for your mind. The harder you work the stronger you become. A recent article in the New York Times “Hollywood Elite Trading the Couch for a Coach”. The author attributes one of the reasons for the increased demand for coaching services is decentralized and scattered families. This may be true; however, professional coaches are much different then using a family member or close friend as a sounding board to help resolve issues. The professional coach is able to be objective and non-judgmental. This is particularly difficult to do when you are emotionally involved with someone. Also, let’s remember the importance of confidentiality.

How is a coaching session conducted?
In Person, Telephone, Skipe or email.

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