Dear Eileen,
Thank you for your commitment to promoting well-being with our participants these few months. The healing moments you provided made a difference in their journeys.
Thank you!
Zangmeister Cancer Center
Haven of Hope

Thank you so very much! Our day was made more special because of you! When we were stressed and not sure what all we needed to be done, you calmed us and helped with every step. The Indian Wedding Vessel was the perfect touch. It is now displayed in our living room where we see it every day and remember the most perfect day! Your professionalism is unmatched! Your dedication, and gentle reminders, just show how you go above and beyond. Again, thank you so much for officiating our wedding. You are treasured!
Much love and many hugs,
Barb and Brenda Huebner

I recently went on a Caribbean cruise when I developed a severe sinus headache. Thanks to Eileen Lebowitz and her “hands of gold” I was feeling like new in no time. Her knowledge of the human body and her professional manner really made me enjoy the rest of my vacation, so “thank you Eileen” keep up the great work.
Ronnie Smith

It is my pleasure to write this testimony on behalf of Eileen. I had the opportunity to work with Eileen during our Life-Coaching training. What I discovered was a compassionate and dedicated healer. She is a wonderful listener and really has a passion for her work. I highly recommend Eileen as I know firsthand her effectiveness in helping people heal. Personally, she helped me make peace with the grief, I still held from losing my mom at such a young age. Eileen has a wonderful way of making a person feel extra special as she guides them towards the life they want to create.
Catherine B

My coaching experience with Eileen has been very helpful in creating a FOCUS for me. Together we built the right goals and set priorities which helped me to taking action! I really enjoy and look forward to my coaching sessions with Eileen. She keeps me on track and helps me to recognize when I’m loosing focus of my overall goal. She is a great listener and asks all the right questions to help YOU discover your needs for yourself!!
Rona Orbovich, Director of HR, Limited Stores

After a reflexology session with Eileen, I felt like a new person. The shoulder stress and tension from work seemed to just float away. I felt totally refreshed. I would strongly recommend experiencing reflexology.

It was amazing! Without even telling Eileen of my knee problems, she was able to detect it through Reiki. It was a very spiritual experience! I look forward to my sessions.
 J K

I have had the pleasure of being part of a “Hey This Is My Life Workshop” with Eileen. I created a Vision Board ( a canvas unique to me) and it brought to mind dreams of years gone by. At the end of the series I am overjoyed to say I am on my way to living my dream, I no longer permit Negative Nellies to dictate my life decisions and keep me down. Once in a while I need a tune up and I call Eileen. I feel more then Empowered I feel Entitled to live a happy life.
Kara D Attorney, NYC

I was experiencing a personal – with myself- relationship conflict and it was always the same results when I tried resolving the issues on my own or venting to my friends – nothing resolved nothing changed. A friend of mine suggested calling Eileen for a complimentary coach session. I love her style. She calls you out, she says it like it is, she inspires me and holds me accountable. Today I love being in my skin and I have evolved.
MP, Artist New Mexico, Namaste

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