Celebrities and Mental Illness|Mental Illness and You!

I have said the following many times; Yes, it is great that a celebrity comes out and shares I am Bi-polar, Depressed, Addict etc. and they are selling their books left and right. It is much easier for them to step out and share than for the average person. Now Jane and John Doe are taking their money and buying Demi’s book – if there is one or one of the many others who are actually making additional money because of their illness. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they don’t feel the same torment or depression that we all do, just saying easier for them-much easier.

In the months past I started posting about my book Out Of Our Minds Onto Paper the reason and how the idea came about.  As of a few weeks ago I started working on using some of the essays, songs, art, poems etc. that we have received and producing a live production.

If we the people that suffer with a Mental Health problem don’t come out and SHARE without SHAME and accept that it is up to us to keep to keep the conversation about Mental Health going the issues will stay on the back burner of our government until the next MASS SHOOTING.

Please join us at www.OutOfOurMindsOntoPaper.com We sincerely hope to hear from you. Click on the link below I hope listening to John Oliver will motivate you to help Stop The Stigma and educate the public. As Always With Hope…E


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