Change Takes Action

With our world changing and in economical turmoil we only have control of ourselves and what actions we take to change our lives. So, with the New Year just 28 days away I began to think of all the resolutions and re-resolutions people will make and have already made. I think of how many of these resolutions are re-resolutions from the previous year and the years gone by.
The most popular re-resolution people make are they are going to change their lifestyle, start exercising, eating right and become healthier. Experts say January is the busiest time of the year for Health and Fitness members and newcomers to sign up for memberships. Members may have enjoyed the holidays a little too much; new comers are determined to be healthier, fitter and lighter. But, few stick with their resolution. The International Health, Racquet and Sports club Association has looked at the dropout phenomenon and concluded that less than a third of people new to health clubs are still around after six months. What happens to the other two-thirds? They leave because they didn’t make sufficient use of their membership, lost interest or motivation, didn’t like the club atmosphere, found the facilities overcrowded, were dissatisfied with the staff. Any excuse will do. Is it just because we are lazy?

I don’t think so. I believe it is two fold we have become people conditioned to receive  immediate gratification and for some it is easier not to deal with personal challenges. If we are over-weight, eat unhealthy and are couch potatoes it didn’t just happen. So, why do we expect change to Just Happen? How can it happen?

Change Takes Action
We have all heard this saying, “Actions speak louder than words”
When making a film the Director calls “Action”

A definition of Action as found in the Merriam – Webster dictionary:
The Accomplishment of a thing done usually over a period of time-Behavior. A function of the body or one of its parts. The movement of incidents.

This is from an article I read about the Nike marketing campaign “Just Do It”. With this campaign Nike increased its share of the domestic sport-shoe business from 18% to 43%. From 877 Million Dollars to 9.2 Billion Dollars in 10 years.

Why was this ad so successful? Because, the ads were rarely about the product itself, but about the person wearing the product. It was an ad campaign that focused on our inner self. It gave us hope, it said I Can Be, it said I Can Do it, and it called us to ACTION – as it still does. And, everyone knows the tag line and whom it represents, “Just Do it”!!!

Resolve to Evolve