Change Requires ACTION!

brain changeWe are entering the season for change and change requires Action. Out with the old and in   with the new. Are you ready for change? Are you ready to take the necessary ACTIONS to move forward and make changes? Have you made your resolution or are they re-resolutions for the New Year? Are they the same ones you made in the past –re-resolutions? Are you psyched up and ready? What is your plan? How are you going to stay motivated? Do you have a clear vision?

Change is not easy. We know we want to change something, we know  we must change, we start the process and, all of a sudden, we stop? Why? Why is  it so difficult to change something within that I so desperately want to  change? What is blocking me? Why can’t I stick to this? Why can’t I become unstuck? I stay motivated for a week or two and then I’m done..Why? Why do I repeat the same thing over and over the  same way expecting different results?What happens when we don’t keep a promise we make to ourselves? This is what happens; the Negative Nellie  self-talk begins and self-deprecation takes over. This pattern will go on day  after day and year after year if you consistently feel like you have let  yourself down.

I believe the most important relationship you have in your life  is the one you have with yourself, you have to believe this as well!


Be sensitive to your feelings, but be realistic. There are some  things and situations you can change and other things, because of  circumstances, you cannot change. While this is a fact, it is also a fact that  you are unique, you are a precious gem and you need to recognize your  importance. When you achieve even the smallest change, the feeling of accomplishment is more than words can describe. Start feeding yourself  Nurturing Nellies. Zig Ziglar said, “You are what you are and where you are  because of what has gone into your mind. You can change what you are and where  you are by changing what goes into your mind”.

Change, transformation, transition happen through process and Action so don’t  stop now. If you can say yes, ” I am Ready to  Make a Change and take ACTION”  contact me.

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