Car Care Vs. Us Care !!!

Stop signWhy do we take better care of our cars than ourselves?

 Think about that for a second.  Like a car, we are made up
of thousands of parts that keep us running. 
But, the fact is, we do take better care of 3,400 lbs. of plastic and
sheet metal than we do of ourselves. How many hours have you spent cleaning your  car? How many hours have you spent focusing on yourself?  We rush to call the mechanic if a little check engine light goes on or if the engine coughs a bit but we ignore tightness in our chests, fatigue or an odd mole.  We put off mammograms, pap smears and colonoscopies for months thinking, it’s nothing, it will get better, I’ll get to it. The fact is we spend more time worrying about an expensive, replaceable car  and not enough on our irreplaceable bodies.

 We don’t put off scheduled maintenance checks or oil and filter changes because we  know the engine will burn up without oil. We know the battery eventually loses  strength; sometimes it could be recharged, other times it needs to be replaced.  If the shocks are bad we are in for a bumpy ride. Spark plugs need to ignite.  There are many, many parts that must be cared for in order for our car to not  just run but run in healthy condition and good working  order.

So, why are we so lax when it comes to taking care of ourselves? Why aren’t we on a  regular maintenance schedule? Could it be because we are so overloaded that we  operate on cruise control? The reality is we are worried ; about work; taking care  of our children; about finances; about aging parents;  about how we will make ends meet on social security; about  grandchildren and about life transitions. We are so consumed with  worrying, that our daily routines run on auto-pilot and we don’t remember a  drive home, what we ate for lunch today or did we eat at all?

It’s time to shut our motors down and just idle. We need to make ourselves a priority  and make sure all of our parts are oiled up and running smoothly. We need to  schedule routine check-ups. We need to occasionally check the junk in the trunk  and get rid of what we don’t need. We need to explore what’s under the hood. We  need to figure out what needs to be recharged and what filters need to be  replaced; we need to fix our shocks for a smoother ride and to keep our spark  plugs ignited.

It is crazy isn’t it that we think more about the care of the replaceable car than we do about the irreplaceable self. This equation is backwards.

With 2014 around the corner I’m sure some of you have already made a mental note of what your resolution or re-resolutions are. Here are some of mine “I will turn off my auto-pilot, I will pay attention to my  motor, I will not allow myself to overheat, I will keep my skin oiled and I will  put myself on regular maintenance checks, I will learn how to idle.” I must do my best to keep myself in excellent running condition. I hope you will do the same.

Here’s to you; may your Holidays be Happy and your New Year be healthy and happy!!!

P.S. It’s never to early to start your resolution…

Resolve to Evolve