Certified Life Coach and Wholistic Practitioner

A little about me and my journey!!!

I am a down to earth tell it like it is person.  I am moved by the desire to help women and girls transform and transition in their lives without guilt and with the ability to communicate with honesty and self confidence so that they can Resolve To Evolve and Live The Life They’ve Imagined!

I never thought my commitment and passion to advocate, support and challenge women and girls to transform their lives could ever be more powerful … until 9/11.

As a native New Yorker living in Columbus, Ohio, my family and friends that were living and working in and around the twin towers on 9/11 had the shock of their lives!

Almost all close to me were physically safe, but,  the emotional impact would last a lifetime!

Days after the attack, I walked through Union Square and  was overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness . The desperation of those searching for their loved ones got stronger with each passing minute.

Not one person that died that day would have imagined their lives would end in a moment – just one moment.

When contemplating how temporary, how precious and how very unpredictable life is, I became more determined than ever to continue my mission to inspire motivate and help women feel their own strength; feel empowered; feel the importance of a laugh; and to have their Dream become the Reality they Live.

Always with Hope!!!


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Every step of the way requires ACTION!

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