Who would use a life coach?

Who would use a Life Coach? They are people who want… their lives to be better in some way; to achieve goals they have not been able to achieve; to overcome stumbling blocks; to reconnect with themselves; to discover or rediscover their dreams, to live their lives with passion, intent and resolve. – See more at: http://resolve-to-evolve-ltd.net/what-is-coaching/#sthash.kiEODwZQ.dpuf


My passion and mission as a CPTLC is to motivate and inspire women and girls to feel their own strength, to feel empowered. I want them to be able to work through their Negative Nellies and turn them into Nurturing Nellies. I want them to see the Reality they DREAM of become the Reality they LIVE. Contact Eileen at 614.905.7962 or Eileen@resolve-to-evolve-ltd.net.

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